Top Floor Music

18 December 2017

Cian O’Farrell is a Dublin artist who is hard to describe – his voice can sound somewhere between the depths of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Ian Curtis before soaring to beautiful highs. His instrumentals, often electronic on recording, translate so beautifully to an acoustic arrangement. To top it off, his song-writing is eccentric and surreal but with an underlying realism about love and society that punches you in the gut. It was a pleasure to have him on the show, we hope you enjoy the result.

“Conscience” – 0:00
“123” – 4:44
“What Dreams Are Made Of” (Hilary Duff ) – 8:39

You can hear more of Cian’s music on his Soundcloud here.

Cian will begin gigging on the Dublin scene again from March 2018.

9 December 2017

We had the absolute pleasure of having Ruth Mac come up to the Trinity FM studio and play some tunes for us. Ruth is a singer-songwriter from Galway who combines raw earthy vocals with rhythmic jazz guitar to create a truly mesmerising sound.

Ruth’s debut single Elephant is set to be released in early 2018.

“Age” – 0:00
“Elephant” – 3:37
“Chocolate Jesus” (Tom Waits) – 8:19

You can see more of Ruth on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

 Want to Appear on Top Floor Music?

TOP FLOOR MUSIC is a project run by Trinity FM, the radio society of Trinity College Dublin. It sits somewhere between BBC’s Live Lounge and NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts, wishing to give upcoming musicians in the Dublin scene a place to record a radio quality set and to spread it across the wider college community, and hopefully even further.

The format is simple: The artist performs two original songs, a cover, and takes part in a brief interview. We record on three DSLR cameras and radio-grade microphones and equipment. If you’re a passionate, original musician and wish to play a session with us, simply email us on an original track to